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Airfiltronix 便攜式通風柜
Airfiltronix 便攜式通風柜
型       號:系列 最后更新:2019-9-19
貨       號:
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銷售商: 上海意果科技有限公司 查看該公司所有產品 >>
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The 'G' Series containment hood systems are designed to enclose materials and operations under negative pressure, thereby preventing airborne contaminants from escaping into the work environment. Contaminated air is drawn through a variety of filters to remove pollutants. Filters are available for both vapors and particulates and they can be combined for multiple substance filtration.

The hoods are constructed of clear, 1/4" thick, acrylic and polycarbonate panels with sturdy aluminum framing (other panel materials are available if required). They come equipped with a clear vinyl curtain providing easy access while maintaining optimal airflow across the opening (optional door and sash configurations are available upon request). The hoods can be made to order with custom sizes and features tailored to your specific needs.

Blower/Filter modules are normally mounted on top of the hood, however, if space is limited they can be remotely located and connected to the hood via PVC hose. A high efficiency, brushless AC motor with dynamically balanced backward curved impeller moves up to 530 cfm in free air at a noise level of less than 68 db.

If required the hood can be purchased without blower and filter units for connection to an existing venting system. Alternatively, a venting adapter kit is available for the blower to provide for both filtering and outside venting.

Please Note: We can manufacture this unit in many different sizes and/or configurations. Please contact us to discuss your application or send us your specifications. 


貨號 商品名稱 規格 商品分類 價格(RMB) 鏈接
200A G24 便攜式通風柜G24 CONTAINMENT HOOD 17”H x 22”W x 17”D* 通風柜 Airfiltronix 45960.00 點擊進入
200A G30 便攜式通風柜G30 CONTAINMENT HOOD 17”H x 28”W x 17”D* 通風柜 Airfiltronix 49320.00 點擊進入
200A G36 便攜式通風柜G36 CONTAINMENT HOOD 17”H x 34”W x 17”D* 通風柜 Airfiltronix 54360.00 點擊進入
200A G50 便攜式通風柜G50 CONTAINMENT HOOD 17”H x 48”W x 17”D* 通風柜 Airfiltronix 69480.00 點擊進入
200A SL30 SL-30 - Ductless Hoods 16”H x 28.5”W x 22”D* 通風柜 Airfiltronix 69000.00 點擊進入
200A HS3000A1 SCAVENGER 16”H x 23.5”W x 12.5”D 通風柜 Airfiltronix 35760.00 點擊進入
200A HS3000A2 SCAVENGER 16”H x 23.5”W x 12.5”D 通風柜 Airfiltronix 39240.00 點擊進入
200A BE1 BE-1 Balance Enclosure 30''W x 22''D x 34.5''H 通風柜 Airfiltronix 63840.00 點擊進入
200A ES7000 ES-7000 - Ductless Hoods 16”H x14”W x16”D* 通風柜 Airfiltronix 42480.00 點擊進入
200A RF1000 TABLETOP CLEANROOM 17”H x 23.25”W x 17.5”D (with filters)* 通風柜 Airfiltronix 68880.00 點擊進入
200A PCR1000 TABLETOP CLEANROOM 17”H x 22.25”W x 17.5”D (with filters)* 通風柜 Airfiltronix 79920.00 點擊進入
200A HS3000A4 ROOM?AIR?PURIFIER 15”H x 23.5”W x 12”D 通風柜 Airfiltronix 30840.00 點擊進入
200A G36G G-36G 工作站 Glutaraldehyde Workstation 17”H x 34”W x 20”D* 通風柜 Airfiltronix 85560.00 點擊進入
200A G53G G-53G 工作站 Glutaraldehyde Workstation 17”H x 51”W x 20”D* 通風柜 Airfiltronix 125400.00 點擊進入
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